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Admissions 2024/2025 academic year
Preschool, Grades 0-8
International Primary
Curriculum (IPC)
International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC)
ICA member
(international curriculum association)
A great opportunity to try our lessons and see how learning becomes exciting! Also, to ensure that your child will feel comfortable and safe with us.

Adriatic International is part of the Adriatic school network in Montenegro, located in Podgorica, Bar, and Herceg Novi.

Our Mission is to create a supportive environment for global learners by developing a new generation of life-long explorers and internationally minded leaders. We inspire and motivate our students to think independently and critically.
The educational programs at Adriatic International consist of two components: 70% of the curriculum is based on the International Curriculum Association (ICA) program, while 30% aligns with the requirements of Montenegrin educational standards.

The international component includes education programs for children aged 5-11 and 11-14: the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) in conjunction with the International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC).

The national component includes the Montenegrin primary school program (language, culture, society).

Adriatic International is a trilingual school. The primary language of instruction at Adriatic International is English, with mandatory Montenegrin language classes and additional support for Russian language.

This allows us to provide high-quality and comprehensive education by combining the best practices from different educational systems.
Two Components
of Education
International ICA program
Montenegrin educational standards
  • preschool / 0-8

  • 15

  • 1:4

  • 1

& Thematic
of Learning
The learning goals of IPC and IMYC programs are organised into three unique but connected areas: knowledge, skills, and understanding, which all contribute to the development of the child.

A wide range of thematic units of learning, based on globally relevant topics, enables children to grasp the meaning of their new knowledge, demonstrate their skills, and apply their understanding to the real world.
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International Primary Curriculum
(children aged 5-11).

International Middle Years Curriculum (children aged 11-14).

IPC and IMYC programs place special emphasis not only on academic subjects but also on interdisciplinary connections and the development of global thinking. Attention is given to the individual goals of each student and the development of soft skills such as critical thinking, creativity, empathy, and resilience.

Both programs are supported by the International Curriculum Association which utilizes educational research to continuously enhance and review the International Curriculum to ensure it remains a relevant, leading international curriculum for learners.

IPC and IMYC Programs
Countries Worldwide Are Using Improved Learning ICA methodology

ICA Parent Presentation

We understand that adapting to a new language environment can be challenging. That's why we offer support and assistance to your children in mastering the english language and adapting to a new cultural setting.
The language of instruction at Adriatic International is English.

We use Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) approach that integrates the teaching of both content subjects and a second/foreign language. It aims to develop students' language proficiency while simultaneously learning academic subjects.

By implementing CLIL methods, Adriatic International creates an immersive language environment that enhances students' language learning.

Content and Language Integrated Learning
Learning and Support
Adriatic International in Podgorica belongs to the Adriatic network of schools with extensive experience of working in Montenegro.
Our team consists of highly qualified specialists with many years of experience in international educational programs.
School space features thoughtful design that contributes to an effective learning process. We create an ideal environment for your child's development.
Educational experience
teaching staff
Comfortable space

Admission Process

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Submit your application by clicking the Register button. You will be redirected to the Mojo.Adriatic system, where we maintain communication with the parents and students of the school.
Psychological Testing
We assess how well a child can listen to and follow teacher's instructions, regulate their emotional state, resolve conflicts safely, and seek help from adults when needed.
English Language Test
English language level placement test.
Values Interview and Enrollment
We will discuss values and perspectives on the educational process. It is important for us to create a safe community of like-minded individuals.
Fees 2024/2025
540 € /month
620 € /month
730 € /month
840 € /month
850 € /month
Admission Fee
500 € / payable once upon enrollment in the school
Parent Reviews
Anastasia Syrova
Alice's mom, 0 grade

For us, Adriatic International turned out to be a lifesaver. We were not prepared for the fact that in Montenegro, children start school at the age of 6. Typically, children are not accepted into kindergarten at such an age. Therefore, we were very pleased to enter the wonderful atmosphere of the school by enrolling in the 0 grade.

A huge advantage is that the instruction is in English. The child has started using English frequently in everyday life. The child always happily goes to school and stays for after-school activities. (It's important that the school offers after-school care).

The meals are well-organized, very tasty, and there is a choice of menu.

We like the art lessons; the children even get to draw on the walls! This is the kind of lesson that we ourselves missed in school; it really encourages creativity.
And in the mornings, there is music playing when the children enter the school!

Anastasia Kozhevnikova
mom of Sofia, 6th grade and Marta, 4th grade

We are delighted with how the educational process is organized, how communication is built, and how eagerly the children go to school. The school offers wonderful subjects that are divided into educational units.

One of the reasons for our family's move to Montenegro was the Adriatic project in Podgorica. We carefully chose education for our children, and this project was one of the significant reasons why we came here.

I want to express my sincere gratitude to all the teachers and the entire project. It's a very friendly environment for children, where a child doesn't need to fear making a mistake or doing something wrong. What also impressed me is that all the assignments are marked in green, not red, and detailed feedback is provided. The approach here is different—evaluating a child's work not by mistakes but by their achievements.

I also really like the practice of Entry Point and Exit Point when a learning unit begins or ends. At the beginning, we are introduced to the material that the children will study, and at the end, the children make a small presentation for parents on the learned topic.
Olga Maximova
mom of Nastya, grade 6 and Oleg, grade 2
We really love our school. I recommend it to all our friends and hope that there will be more of us next academic year! The teachers are wonderful, very kind, and appropriately strict. It's ideal!

The atmosphere at the school is very warm, the children are friendly, and the administration strives to make school life interesting. Various events are constantly organized for both children and parents. It was important for us that the education is in English while maintaining a strong focus on mathematics and computer science. We were able to find this combination only at Adriatic International.

The kids are delighted with all the teachers! My daughter says she likes all of them so much that she can't even decide who is her favorite. A huge thanks to Artem for keeping my daughter's love for mathematics alive. Adriatic International has unique individuals who are excellent specialists in their respective fields and are fully dedicated to their work and the children, trying to teach them as much as possible and instill a love for the subject. Thanks to the school's Academic Director for assembling such a cohesive team of talented educators!
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