Our Mission
Tilda Publishing
We create a supportive environment for global learners by developing a new generation of life-long explorers and internationally minded leaders. We inspire and motivate our students to think independently and critically.
Our Vision
Tilda Publishing
The vision of the Adriatic International is to inspire learners to be active, globally competent, future-ready, socially conscious and reflective thinkers adapted to multicultural and multilingual environments, who lead their own learning now and in the future.
Our Values
Tilda Publishing
  • Safe space for everyone
    Everyone is free to express themselves through their appearance, ideas and beliefs. We respect borders of other people and expect to be treated the same way. We don't tolerate physical and emotional violence. Conflicts are considered as an innate part of the learning process, and our goal is to find an appropriate way to reach consensus.
  • Honesty
    Being honest to yourself, other people and everything around us, so accept reality as it is.
  • Fun
    It’s an essential part of life. It’s very important for us that everyone has fun during the whole time at school. Fun is an essential part of learning, and it makes the educational process easier.
  • Lifelong learning
    Learning is not only about formal learning in schools, universities, courses, kindergartens. It’s also about exploring the world and yourself. This process never stops, it’s never too late to learn something new.
  • Critical thinking
    Critical thinking means to question everything you hear or read. One should research, check the information and make their own opinion. Being a critical thinker does not mean to criticize everything and everybody, but to learn to respect other people opinions.
  • Diversity
    Everybody is unique and different, and we provide equal opportunities for everyone. Learning environment that is safe, inclusive and equal for as many identities as possible.
  • Creativity
    We support, motivate and encourage an innovative approach in all areas of academic and non-academic activities. We praise the experiments and give everyone the opportunity to find their own voice.
Tilda Publishing
Quality education: We embrace modern methods and innovative approaches to provide the best education for our students.

Individual approach: We recognize the uniqueness of each student and provide personalized support to help them thrive.

Intercultural understanding: We foster respect and tolerance for different cultures and languages, promoting global citizenship.

Innovation and creativity: We encourage creative thinking, initiative, and the exploration of innovative approaches.

Collaboration and partnership: We value strong partnership between teachers, students and parents to create a collaborative learning community.

Ethical values: We uphold high standards of ethical conduct, honesty, and fairness in all aspects of school life.
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